Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine Footsie

There was recent poll in the UK conducted by YouGov survey on behalf of Carnation Footcare to find the female star British men would most like to play 'footsie' with. On the Carnation Footcare Footsie Index number five was Beyonce Knowles; at number four, Cameron Diaz; number three, BBC Top of the Pops presenter, Fearne Cotton; number two, Brat Pitt’s better half, Angelina Jolie; but the number one clebrity with the sexist feet was elfin, Kylie Monogue and her daintly size threes. In the corresponding poll to discover who UK women would most like to toe tickle, George Clooney walked clean away with the title of 'Footsie King.' Brad Pitt took second place, in tied third place was Simon Cowell, David Beckham and Justin Timberlake. Playing footsie has a long history and common practice in the Middle Ages. Poulaines (or long toed shoes) were worn by men and were often 24 inches longer than the feet. The extensions were stiffened with grass and moss and used as sex toys for under the table shinanigins. In more recent times during the permiscuous sixties some eateries encouraged their customers to endulge in foot sex under the table.

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feetman said...

I have seen pictures of Kylie's feet and I would choose her.She has very pretty feet.