Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Holey socks: Fashion Faux Pas

It has happened to me, so I am sure it must have happened to you. Now it has happed to a UK, MP and in full glare of the press. Health Secretary, Alan Johnson MP was on official duty visiting the Acorn centre in Welland to see a healthy eating class for mums and toddlers. The healthy lifestyle co-ordinator asked the Minister to slip out of his shoes so she could measure his height and as he stepped onto the stand, the fashion faux pas was there for all to see, Alan was sporting one threadbare black sock with a hole in it and his big toe peeking through. Ooooops! Caught by the ever present news hounds the image of Alan Johnson MP and his holey hose was beamed across the globe. Seems the powerful have no fear when it comes to toes poking out of their hose. Last year, World Bank President, Paul Wolfowitz was also caught out while visiting a mosque in Edirne, western Turkey. Both his grey socks sported holes with his big toes popping through them. More recently when a line of people sat to have their shoes shined for Maundy Thursday in Cathedral Square, a request to see their socks revealed more stingy sock wearers. Men were the worst offenders apparently with tatty, mismatched, hole-ridden socks. Still things might be looking up for the new fashion vogue for men this year is a return of the sock and bight colours and patterns forecast as the foot accessory .

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