Saturday, March 01, 2008

Naked Sole Sandals

Naked Sole Sandals are flexible contoured boards made from durable rubber with treads. The foam rubber insock is coated with sticky back plastic (a hypoallergenic water based adhesive). When new, the adhesive layer is protected by a thin plastic film which needs to be carefully removed. By standing on the Naked Soles with clean (powder free) and dry bare feet the heat sensitive adhesive sticks to the foot surface and the person can comfortably walk away with the new soles firmly attached. To remove Naked Sole Sandals the feet are immersed in water and the sandal and skin safely separate. According to the manufactuers the adhesive surface has a limited shelf life but will remain serviceable for approximately three months. To avoid dust contamination the Naked Soles should be stored face down to protect the sticky surface. A regular wash in warm soapy water (no detergents) will keep the Naked Soles clean and when left to dry, rejuvenate the adhesive. Any surface dirt or dust can be removed by gentle brushing with a nail brush (no scouring brushes). The miracle of sticky back plastic has certain disadvantages. The Naked Sole Sandals cannot be worn in the sea and walking on sand may impare their shelf life. More importantly for sunny siders the adhesive on Naked Sole Sandals is incompatable with skin moisturisers and lotions which precludes the wearer from ‘slip, slap, slopping.’

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