Monday, March 17, 2008

Reebok Timetanium: The second installment

John Maeda and Reebok are getting ready to present the second installment in their revolutionary collaboration: the Reebok x Maeda Emoretion. The first sneaker design was inspired by time, but this new design is inspired by “Law 7 - Emotion” in Professor Maeda’s book The Laws of Simplicity. And is a female-only sneaker.

Using Reebok’s iconic Freestyle as his canvas, Professor Maeda’s handwritten code decorates the shoe’s lining and creates the digital paisley print, representing a burst of pure energy and emotion. Holographic straps bring this design to life with every move, while the velvet-wrapped mid-sole and tongue-liner bring a dash of elegance to the shoe.

Only 100 pairs of these electrifying sneakers will be available and not until March 31st at which time you can purchase them online at

The last Maeda sneaker, the Timetanium, sold out in 14 hours so these kicks may go even faster!

Here’s a link to all the photos of the Emoretion.

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