Monday, March 03, 2008

When all else fails go in gold ballet pumps

Too rich for my blood, or if you are Diablo Cody (writer of Juno), too rich for my feet. The talented scribe won the award for the best original screenplay but did the unthinkable by turning down the offer to wear a pair of Stuart Weitzman's million dollar, jewel encrusted sandals at the 80th Oscars ceremony, this year. Diablo wore a more conservative pair of gold ballet pumps instead to collect her glittering prize. Every year Stuart Weitzman creates a one-off design for one lucky celebrity to wear on the most glamorous red carpet. This year's design was made with 1,800 Kwiat diamonds weighing 100 carats each and Ms Cody was chosen to wear them. The King of bling’s creation cut no ice (sorry for the pun) with the former pole dancer who was less impressed and thought the “sparkly shoes” were rather retro. Is it also reported she did not appreciate being consulted about the ‘honour’ and the girl with ‘attitude,’ said “No!” (sic Good on you girl). Of course, as always there are two sides to the story and famous designer was quick to set the record straight stating Diablo selected the shoes herself after being quite involved with the entire design process. In any event, all is revealed at:

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