Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Canaveral! we have three successful launches

At the kickoff of the new Carlos Santana’s world tour called “Lived your life,” the old rocker will be joined by fellow show bizzers, Mariah Carey, Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart and Donald Trump to promote the Boston event on the 4th April. This year’s Macy's Spring brand campaign includes "Stars," a line-up of celebrity fashion and home designers. Carlos and Mariah feature in a 30 second advert for "Carlos by Carlos Santana" line of women's shoes. Whilst the two main players engage in mutuall appreciation for each other’s products, onlookers Martha Stewart and Donald Trump appear briefly. The latter, of course, have housewares and neckties, respectively featured by the same retailer. The hope is the Carlos by Carlos Santana line of woman’s shoes carry large sizes because, according to the experts the average woman's foot size at the turn of the 20th century was size 5, now in the 21st century, the average is size 9. Consequently there has been an expotential rise in the sales of larger ladies shoes with many of these being bought over the internet. The large-shoe market (size 12 and up) in the US is estimated at $300 million (based on the latest U.S. Census) and continues to grow. Barefoot Tess LLC, is a company based in Baltimore, Maryland, US which currently operates an internet based Women's Shoe Boutique as well as a warehouse showroom focused on serving customers with large sizes (shoe sizes 10 through 15). Barefoot Tess offers a wide selection of styles from high-end designers, popular mainstream brands and its own stylish private label line. Barefoot Tess estimates the worldwide figure for bigger shoes is closer to $1 billion and in a bid to increase their market share they have invested in a new website with an expanded inventory and presentation. Barefoot Tess shoes are not just for the big foot crowd and even the big egos have also had been happy to endorse Barefoot Tess shoes. Luminaries include Paris Hilton, Jessica Biel, Geena Davis and Celine Dion. Meanwhile in India, Reebok India have launched HexRide running footwear collection. The new shoes use a hexagonal, honeycomb-style construction which gives them one of the top strengths weight ratio constructions known to engineers. HexRide technology is used in the Reebok running shoe range including the SmoothFit HexRide, and HexRide Rally.

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