Saturday, April 05, 2008

Celebrity, David Beckham: My hero in orange?

Delighted to read David Beckham reached a century in England caps recently. He was probably wearing his pc football boots made from synthetic materials so as not offend Animal Rights activists. The man with the golden boots is worthy of the title, great player and although I follow the (mis)fortunes of Scotland (and Australia, when they win), I would say by far Beckham is my football hero. Jim Baxter (Rangers) is still the best player ever and Gazza wiznae bad either but Beckham is a true ambassador for the sport. According to recent reports the soccer supremo has catalogued his boots (currently wear Adidas Predator Absolute Globe),and keeps them for posterity in a museum. Normal memorabilia for football players is usually their signed shirts which are kept to mark a milestone in their career but David Beckham is a trend setter. Whilst most players will have signature boots with their own name (for luck), David’s colourful boots are embossed with his children’s names. Time was when all real soccer players wore black boots only but now absolutely anything goes. Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United) is seen in the new Nike promotion wearing orange boots. The Nike Mercurial Vapor Aero Soft-Ground Men's Soccer Boot combines all that is known about soocer the sport and shoe manufacture to offer a true 21st century soccer slipper. Sadly there is no boot yet that makes you score more goals, but ion orange, you will certainly stand out on the field.

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