Saturday, April 12, 2008

Forensic podiatry:Bow legs gives it away, again

"One small footstep for man.......,” can tell a lot with today’s technology and biomechanical expertise. Recently a burglar in the UK walked into a two-year jail term after his distinctive swagger was matched by experts from CCTV footage. The felon was caught on camera walking in a distinctive way close to the scene of the crime. Despite covering his face his unique deportment was enough to establish it was he, on the scene of the crime thanks to a biomechanical analysis which matched perfectly with his physical demeanour. DNA evidence combined with a detailed gait analysis by a forensic podiatrist meant the robber was charged with two burglaries and subsequently found guilty and sentenced. Bowed legs (genu valgum) and an unusual way of moving his left arm to stabilise his body as he walked, were the two key confirming factors. According to experts no matter the disguise (including wearing hoodies) walking style is as unique as a fingerprint and gait anlysis is now commonly used to eliminate as well as implicate individuals.

Something to ponder.

BBC report

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