Friday, April 25, 2008

Inchworm shoes: A very practical shoe design innovation

There is a new range of children’s shoes which hare expandable to cater for growth spurts. Inchworm shoes can extend by one full shoe by pressing a button on the side of the shoe and pulling the toe out to the required length. The size is registered by number on the heel and the shoe is stable enough not to change size accidentally. The shoes offer three different sizes in half-size increments and are particularly convenient for children with one foot bigger than the other. The concertina shoes are available in the UK through Scottish based distributors Fat Shoes Day. The concertina shoe was developed in Germany just over a decade ago and was an innovation thought to help reduce the cost to parents. The shoes have bee available in the US but now seem to be spreading. They are available in child sizes only from a size 10 to a size three and cost around £48(UK).

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