Thursday, April 17, 2008

Relax Ya Feet(TM)

Aussie Soles International have crossed the “rubber soled clog” with the Ugg boot to produce the snUgg an ideal outdoor boot for blingette chavs and slush kicking ladettes. The company started as K-9 Concepts, Inc. but changed their name in February 2008. Aussie Soles ™ developed and sell hard sole casual footwear that uses closed cell polymer foam similar to ‘crosilite’ but according to Aussiesoles, superior. Auslite ™ is a hard wearing material with an antibacterial surface which is slip resistant and ideal for shoe soles. Aussie Soles have signed an agreement with the BC Lions Football Club and will become one of the club’s major partners for the upcoming 2008 season. Good luck to them. According to recent reports the fortunes of Crocs have faltered with the company facing a predicted brutal shares selloff. The footwear maker had a disappointing first-quarter profit estimate this year and many experts believe they cannot recover. According to JPMorgan this may mark the end of the shoe company’s meterioric rise and Cocs are not alone with a share selloff spread to Deckers Outdoor.

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