Sunday, April 06, 2008

You are your shoes

Credit crunch, bad weather, bland and badly made clothes are four reasons currently cited for why women in the UK are not buying up at the early Spring sales. Womens Wear Daily has been warning of the coming downturn for weeks , blaming insane prices, drab colours, inferior fabrics, and poor quality manufacture. Something which appears to be bucking this trend is the demand for custom-made trainers. Niketown in London are doing bumper business with accessing their customers to bespoke footwear, which the customer has individualised and all at a reasonable price. Seems to be a winner. Marks and Spencers Ltd could also be enroute to a home run with their new "comfy" version of the high heeled shoe. The high street outlets best known in the past for their quality underwear have brought joy and comfort to millions now the same courtesy has been extended to a pair of stilettos. Insolia technology is a form of insole which helps distributes between 20-25% of pressure from the ball of the foot back towards the heel. Dr Howard Dananberg, a US podiatrist looked to discover a way to positon the foot in a heeled shoes suffice it would reduce stress on the foot. Insolia was created using in-shoe pressure analysis equipment. Outwardly the high heels look the same but inside the comfort factor is increased. According to the manufacturer Insolia provides support under the heel and arch to cradle the foot and stop it moving. The insole and shoe structure work together. According to the inventor 85% of wear Insolia feel their shoes are more comfortable and of the millions of pairs sold worldwide, there is only areturn rate of under 2%. I n 2005, Insolia reported that Quantas airline, had chosen shoes containing the Insolia component as necessary footwear for its 7,000 flight attendants.

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