Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Can you throw a shoe at Bush?: "Yes, you can!"

Within 24 hours after the actual event, programers had ‘shoegate’ games where you too can throw a shoe at the retiring US President, George W Bush. In the the Bushgame gamers can hit the "target" by setting the computer mouse at the mark however the old codger ducks adeptly which challenges the gamers' deftness. In the spirit of equity there is an alternative game which tests gamer's skills at protecting Bush from the flying shoes. It is called the " Bush Boot Camp". Gamers take the role of gun-toting security agents who must shoot the flying shoes before they reach the President. The Sydney Morning Herald have collated shoegate mashup. One other Bush bashing game comes from France, called Flying Babush . Players assume the role of Bush and earn points depending on how long they can dodge shoes, which fly at him at a rapidly increasing frequency.

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coffee fiend said...

these shoe throwing games are too funny