Friday, August 18, 2017

Sexy or what? : I can tell by the way you walk

John Lennon may have written a song about it and Bryan Ferry had the hit but when it comes to possessiveness it seems we need to look closely at our hands and feet. What determines the size of our fingers and toes are hormones and when these are imbalanced in the womb the baby can grow up with one foot or hand larger than the other.

Research from Canada, suggests different-sized feet or hands could identify potentially jealous lovers. Contrary to popular belief we are not symmetrical (that’s our left and right sides are not a mirror image). So nearly everyone has minor differences but previous studies have suggested people with one hand bigger than the other are less attractive to the opposite sex and are less fertile and healthy.

A group of subjects were asked to complete a questionnaire to assess romantic jealousy. The same group had their physical features such as feet, hands and ears measured and compared. Statistical analysis later revealed a significant link between symmetry and romantic jealousy. Researchers carried out further tests to see if people with different-sized features were more likely to be jealous in other situations, such as at work but the results were inconclusive. These research findings appear to support previous results which infer asymmetrical people are less attractive.

Fashion Weeks from New York to Milan to Melbourne, all confirmed heeled shoes are the vogue for the coming season. Now it is true to say some women take to walking in teetering heels au naturel, whereas others find it is a skill that definitely requires practice. Well just when you thought it safe to hit the highways and by-ways soaking up the admiring glances there is another study published in the The Journal of Sexual Medicine from researchers in Scotland and Belgium and they have discovered a direct relationship between the way women walk in public places and their ability to orgasm. (Although I do have to qualify, not at the same time).

The serious experiment involved experienced sexologists trained to observe walking patterns of young women. Volunteer subjects completed a confidential questionnaire about their private intimate behaviour prior to going walkabout. Surprise, surprise, when the data was compared the results showed a significant correlation and the trained sexologists were able to correctly infer intimate behaviour patterns by just watching the way women walked. The analysis revealed the secret lay in a mathematical equation, which was the sum of stride length and amount of vertebral rotation. The bigger the score the more likely the greater intensity of intimate experience. Experts believe this study confirms that physical anatomical features are linked to intimate behaviours of the female kind. According to the researchers women subconsciously walk in a manner which sends signals to a potential mate. Moreover the researchers consider the more fulfilling the partnership then the better mental health can be the outcome.

But just before you go about changing the way you walk ladies, this study was only a small size and the findings at best, were illuministic, but it does join a group of contemporary research work focusing on the pelvic floor which appears to support a direct link between feet, the pelvic area and sexual function. The authors conclude that these study results may lend credibility to the idea of incorporating training in movement, breathing and muscle patterns into the treatment of sexual dysfunction.

A previous study published in Italy drew similar conclusions on heel height and pelvic floor tone. The researchers infered from their data wearing raised heels may help with continence training. Contrary to the popular belief then, older adults should not leave their high heels in the closet.

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