Sunday, January 18, 2009

Goody Two Shoes

I suppose the difference between the old and new president is whilst George W Bush inspired shoe throwing (at him) in his terms of office, his successor, Barack Obama has inspired a new shoe design –to be worn. Called the 44 (after the 44th president), the “basketball shoe” is one of a growing list of products being marketed with Barack Obama associations. The 44 is being launched through the internet as the marquee shoe for a new sports brand called Naturally Athletic Sports. Comparisons with (Nike) Air Force 1’s and its association with the ‘most powerful man on earth,’ cannot be coincidental and we need to wait and see who becomes the highest flyer. 44 shoes become available from April 1 and the first 100,000 sneakers retail at a $20 discount at $44.09 US per pair, with every pair sold Naturally Athletic will donate a pair to disadvantaged youths up to 45 days after the shoe’s launch.

If you are in Walsall, England there is a shoe exhibition called Goody Two Shoes to be held at the Walsall Museum. The exhibition features 49 classic, popular and unusual designs from the past and present, covering over 220 years of footwear history. From killer stilettos to kitten heels, flat pumps to sling backs, shoes of all shapes and sizes are on show in a new exhibition. The fancy array of footwear has been gathered from the museum’s permanent collection, as well as pairs from Walsall’s famous Hodson Shop Collection of working women’s clothing from the mid 20th century. The Hodson Shop Collection, which comprises thousands of pieces of clothing bequeathed to the borough by Edith and Flora Hodson, who ran a general store and drapery in the front of The Locksmith’s House, in New Road, Willenhall. Goody Two Shoes is on display at Walsall Museum, in Lichfield Street, in the library complex until February 28.

The Janeen Mansour Celebrity Shoe Drive’ recently held at the Rancho Park Golf Course in Los Angeles, was attended by popular over 600 personalities participating at the ‘Celebrity Charity Shoe Throwing Competition’ resulting in the donation of over 1000 pairs of shoes for needy families. Melanie Griffith and Christian Audigier donated several pairs of shoes including a new unused pairs of Ed Hardy’s shoes. A spokes person for the Salvation Army acknowledged the donated shoes will go a long way to help rebuild the lives of those in need. Ms Mansour is wrapped with the success of the event and already planning one in Dubai this year and again in Los Angeles in July. Although President George Bush and Lara Bush were invited they declined but are supporters of the Salvation Army and will make shoe donations in support of Mansour’s shoe drive.

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Who We Are- said...

Just to let you know, we have extended the run of the exhibition 'Goody Two Shoes' until the 3rd of May 2009!
Claire, Walsall Museum.