Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The New Modesty: Bling is dead!

So far this decade fashion has suported exhibitionistic clothes, flashy, over-decorated accessories and ugly shoes but a new order of osterity is on the horizon and we will likely see the demise of bling as an age of temperance prevails. The New Modesty describes a movement where gratutitous vulgarity and decadence in fashion are replaced by practicality and fiscal prudence. ‘Discreet consumerism' that favours quality, value for money will predominate for the foreseeable future as investment pieces rather than one-season wonders prevail. Some argue ‘statement shoes’ are escapist but the recession and absence of disposable income may see the trend die, at least for the forseeable future. Nike’s Jordan Brand made special shoes for Joe Johnson and Mike Bibby (Atlantic Hawks) to celebrate the inauguration of President Barack Obama. In patriotic red, white and blue shoes were customized for each player complete with their personal logos. The date, Jan. 20, 2009, was also included as a keep-sake. Nike also released a pair of Air Force One’s on the same day, to commemorate Martin Luther King’s birthday. The shoes come with a special packaging which includes a black bag with a motivational quote and a logo to represent 100 years of Black History. Shoes were given to select individuals active in the Black History Community. The commemorative shoe has a black upper constructed from premium leather with red and green stitching all along the shoe. There is also a laser print on the back end of the side panels. In the Philippines, Sporteum Philippines Inc, a local sports apparel company has produced a pair of shoes bearing the image of Barack Obama which they intend to present the new US president as a gift. D’Shoe-Obama comes in black, red and white combination and the other in pristine white. There is a picture of Obama printed on both sides of the shoes near the ankles. Several pairs of the “D’Shoe-Obama limited edition,” shoes will be shipped to the White House.

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