Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ZIPZ: Cool, sensible and economical in these frugal times

Jerry Stefani is a shoe innovator and has a patent on an interchangeable component shoe system. Sounds complex but simply put describes a shoe where the upper and sole are able to be separated and held back together by a zip. Stefani has applied them to Chuck Taylor style kicks. His new footwear line are called ZIPZ. Shoe-tops (both hi and low) come in vibrant candy-like patterns and designs and are zipped around the sole. This conveniently allows you to mix and match tops and soles. Ideal for the ultra fashionable and those who wish to save on the price of shoes. ZIPZ will be in a store near you this spring with prices ranging from $55-$75 US for a complete shoe.

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Anonymous said...

Now these are cool kicks. After seeing this blog I emailed them directly and they said the US launch is probably June for shoes in stores..they told me they will have a "reserve my zipz" link up soon and to keep checking back in case anyone is interested...