Tuesday, February 03, 2009

INCHworn: The year long shoe

Who has not been frustrated with buying shoes for growing children? No sooner are the little dears fitted with new pair of shoes than they seem (almost overnight) to grow out of them again. Feet stop growing about age 13 (small bones ossify much later) and on average a child will grow a size every three to for months (some more, some less). As parents and guardians we tend to follow the school year (semesters or terms) and kit the kids out at the beginning as all good consumers are told to do. However the bone ossification timetable does not follow academic years and it is quite common for children to outgrow their new shoes long before the end of the term. Human nature being what it is, we ignore this at the risk of discomfort for the child. Well help is on its way in the form of INCHworm shoes. Available in sizes 2 -6 the shoes have a button (iFit technology) which increases the shoe size to accommodate a growing foot. On average a pair of INCHworn shoes would last a calendar year (conditions apply) with a saving of 60% on a shoe bill. A blue chip investment in these times of recession.

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Pam Walter said...

What a great idea! Every parent with growing children will be eternally grateful.