Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mickey Rourke: The old man who lives in shoes

Wild man, Mickey Rourke may play hard men parts but when it comes to shoes he is a real softy. Now dubbed “the Old man who lives in shoes,” the vetern star stunned airline staff recently in London when he turned up with a suit case weighing 5 1/2 stone (36kg) packed full of his favourite shoes. Hellraiser Rourke's bulging bag of loafers was over the weight limit and before he could check in at Heathrow for his first-class flight to New York, he had to redistribute his shoes among his other suitcases. The tough guy presented at the VIP check-in shod in a pair of low heeled blue slip-ons with no socks. Rourke was returning to NY after an eight-day London stay where he picked up BAFTA's Best Actor Award for "The Wrestler". Apparently he like Louis Vuitton.

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