Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ba gua Sneakers are French Chic

New kicks on the block come from France and are called Bagua (Chinese: 八卦; pinyin: bā guà; Wade-Giles: pa kua; literally "eight symbols"). The inspiration came from a Bruce Lee movie and the shoes worn by the Kung Fu star. Masters of Kung Fu have been worn light weight shoes made of cotton upper and rubber sole since the 19th century. The light weight, Bagua sneakers are made to last and instantly recognisable with distinctive iconic detailing i.e. an octagon on the elastic closure or a honeycomb print on the insole. The new kicks come with an insole with acupuncture and reflexology points for added health and comfort. There are eight models in the new series and is expected they will probably be launched in a very limited edition.

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