Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cause of mysterious foot burns discovered

An outbreak of painful foot burns and allergic reactions to footwear in Spain has been traced down to the use of dimethyl fumarate by Chinese manufacturers. The Spanish Ministry for Health have issued an alert, and consumers groups are listing the shoe models affected. Dimethyl fumarate is a fungicide used to stop the appearance of damp mould, and is often placed in a small white cotton bag inside the shoebox. However instead of acting against damp and fungus, it can cause severe reaction if it gets in contact with the skin. As many as 37 brands in Spain are now affected and 26 cases have been recorded by the National Consumers Institute, INC. The FACUA Consumidores en Acción group has recommended anyone affected to get in touch with the INC, while the Ministry for Health and Consumer Affairs has now issued a warning of ‘a serious risk to health’. Some of the brands on sale in Spain affected are: Moda Light, Tanis Herrero, Farasion, Rosa Cano, Aurea Alves, Balleri, Metaline, Jimei, Camelia, Hoyvoy, Coolway, Too Much, Mimao, Latinas, Clara García, Bache, Benini Shoes, Benavente, Roberto Botella, Drastik, Lalikaer, Gioseppo, WSK, Maria Mare, ESS, Love Red, Bellucci, SPWSH, Pasite and Amelia Zaragoza. Other brands, Maria Mare, Gioseppo, Latina, Tokitos and Benavente, say they are removing their suspect shoes from sale.

More detailed information is posted at this site.

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