Saturday, March 07, 2009

Comfortable walkable shoes: Whatever next on the catwalk?

Appears the Retro influenced is strong and designers as wanting to bring back the 80's style with power suit (minus the bossy shoulder padding). Mini skirts are everywhere on the catwalks and the single most popular item was leggings, ranging from stretch fabric to super-soft leather. Leggings often replaced pants, which were super slim. The high-heeled boot also has a legging top. Footwear continues to tower on multi-inch platform pumps or high-heeled sandals. Ankle boots are an alternative to the thigh-high legging boot. Black is the in-colour joined by grey and brown. But purple, pink and even bright red will liven up the scene. Whilst ultrahigh heels and platforms prevail Prada have taken the bold step and introduced “walkable” shoes. Now there is a novelty. Her collection was made up of pumps, clogs and evening shoes all of which were made for comfort. Anti stiletto - Queen of Flats, Michelle Obama will be peased as America’s new First Lady takes on her Jackie O role as America’s leading fashion doynan. Criticised for her bare arms, she maybe but the lady is loved for her flat shoes.

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