Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Crocs look-a-likes in for a long stretch

The in-mates at the Travis Country Jail could have be in a toe curling rage because the authorities changed their footwear policy. Prisoners now require to wear black, faux Crocs because the rubber they are made from makes it more difficult to make a shank (weapon). Croc-style shoes are thought to be safer, healthier and more economic than the traditional prison trainers. I was a cost saving initive to distribute Croc knockoffs rather than the real thing. On the positive side incarcerates agree the shoes are more comfortable and hygienic than their old trainers. Prison authorities have received a few complaints from the basketball players who prefer jumping kicks but otherwise looks like the faux Crocs are in for a long stay. The switch to Crocs and Croc look-alikes seems to reflect a general trend in US prisons.

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