Monday, March 30, 2009

New Goex sneakers: No sweat

Italian billionaire, Mario Moretti Polegato is the man behind Geox shoes. The footwear sells well in Italy with an estimated 25% of Italians owning a pair of Geox shoes. The sales for 2008 were up 16% and now the global brand is available in 68 countries. The company are currently thought to be the second biggest “brown shoe” brand in the world, after Clarks. Goex was started by Polegato after he stumbled on his idea for sweat-free shoes while walking in the Nevada desert after a wine conference in the 1990s. Tired of having hot feet, he cut holes in the soles of his trainers and was impressed with how much cooler the shoes felt. Back in northeast Italy, which has a long tradition of shoe-making, he took his prototype and researched how to keep water out while maintaining the holes. His determination led to his first patent and that dispiriting trek round the world’s footwear giants, trying to sell them his idea. Rejected, he set up Geox producing only children’s shoes in Italy at first. Now the company is a world beater with plans to release a range of sport shoes with the Goex patented “no-sweat” technology coming out later this year.

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