Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shoresh Sandals : Thongs in Space!

With an estimated one out of every 10 Israelis owning a pair of sandals, the ultimate foot attire remains the ultimate icon of Israeli dress. Shoresh (Hebrew for "root.") sandals are made at the Source Vagabond Systems factory in the industrial zone of Tirat Carmel, just south of Haifa. Each sandal is made from toe to heel by the same craftsman and the design is a hi-tech version of sandals worn 2000 years ago at the time of Christ. The footwear was rediscovered by a couple of back packers who dissatisfied with the range of shoes available decoded to make their own. For two years they experiments until they came up with a winning formula. The adventure sandal is light enough to feel like a natural extension of the foot and able to withstand mountain walks, course sand and hard terrain. The adventure sandal is has a padded rubber sole with three waterproof polypro straps that cross in an "x" near the ankle. At first they were slow to move in the shops but as soon as the guides started to wear them the hikers and back packers besieged local shoe shops. The Shoresh are now so popular it is proposed to include them in the KEO space time capsule so people in the future can see what Israelis were wearing in 2009.

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