Thursday, September 07, 2017

Sydney Shoemaker: Andrew McDonald

Andrew McDonald is a former nurse and medical photographer who studied to be a shoemaker at Sydney's Ultimo TAFE. The Australian shoe designer and maker however, is no fan of fashion high heels. He brands them “the purest form of fashion escapism" and prefers to design a shoe to look good but also to function well on the kinetic foot.

Each pair of shoes he crafts takes an average 40 hours to make. Starting with feet measurements and intimate design requirements he has a fitting three weeks later. Using scrap leather he makes a "foot toile" to try the shoe for size before making heel height adjustments. The finished shoe arrives about four to six weeks later. The bespoke footwear comes at a price which varies from $800 to $1200 AUS for women and $1600 to $2000 for men. He also produces a cheaper, ready-to-wear range that starts at $450 and tops out at $1200 US.

Andrew McDonald has created shoes for films including the Star Wars trilogy, Superman Returns and Wolverine, but his core clientele comprises professional women in their 30s and 40s who work in creative industries such as architecture, design and the arts. McDonald estimates there are just 12 people in Australia making bespoke shoes professionally.


Anonymous said...

Andrew is great. He is both amiable and talented. My wife had the pleasure of studying with him.
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Anonymous said...

Andrew isn't so great. When things go wrong with your shoes he's not so happy to come to a compromise. I paid him a lot of money, one shoe was bigger than the other, he never admitted a mistake and I was never reimbursed. All I can say, buyer beware.

Anonymous said...

I also had problems with Andrew. I paid him a lot of money to adjust a brand new (v. expensive) pair of boots. The result was average, and when I questioned a small area of damage on the suede, he was extremely discourteous and refused to even discuss it. I was v disappointed and upset by the whole experience.