Saturday, March 28, 2009

US National Barefoot Week 2009:Sole4Soul

This year starting June 7th will be the second National Barefoot Week with a cry to all to discard their shoes in solidarity for Sole4Souls. The international footwear charity based in Nashville, has unveiled plans for a series of nationwide events during Barefoot Week. Many celebrities including Scarlett Johansson have lend their names to support a series of events in June. Scarlett Johansson previously donated 2000 pairs of new shoes from her own line of Reebok footwear. The celebration will culminate with "Barefoot Sunday" on June 7, 2009. This is a unique opportunity for congregations (all denominations) to remove their shoes and walk out of worship services barefoot. The efforts of participating congregations will go toward helping put shoes on the feet of barefoot children around the world. In 2008, hundreds of organizations across the United States invited members to leave their shoes on the altar. Soles4Souls mission is to 'Change the World One Pair at a Time.'" During "Barefoot Week," Soles4Souls will visit several cities across the United Sates and distribute thousands of pairs of new shoes in each city to local non-profits, such as homeless shelters. During "Barefoot Week 2008," the charity donated more than 325,000 pairs of new shoes to needy people in New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami, Detroit, and Taylor, Arizona (Indian Reservation). The cities for the 2009 distributions will be announced soon. Non-Profit asks Churches to Step Up and Host Their Own "Barefoot Sunday" on June 7, 2009

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