Friday, March 06, 2009

Yalies: University licensed sneakers

Campus Kings is an independent footwear company founded by Timothy Kau ’09 and Christopher Chau ’10. They plan to launch a Web site that will allow Yale students to order signature Yale sneakers. This is the first time a university has licensed footwear. The range will start with two models, the “Bulldog” and the “Eli.” The former is based on the Nike’s Air Force 1 and the “Eli” is similar to Converse’s low top Chuck Taylor shoe. Inspiration for the shoes came when Timith Kau visited Chau in Shanghai and met Tiger Zie who customizes sneakers with his artwork and Chinese calligraphy. He had the brainwave whats good for sneaker freakers is a must for Yalies and set to setting up Campus kings. The Sneakers will be available for order when the company launches its pilot program March 30 and will cost between $40 and $70 (US). The hope is the new range of university licenced sneakers will appeal to present students as well as allumni.

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