Thursday, April 02, 2009

Goex on the green

The unwritten rule in golf is you never cheat and Goex have come up with a winner for all those who love to ruin a long walk with a game of golf. The company announced yesterday (April 1) they would start producing a quality golf shoe with their dry "NET System Technology." Ask any golfer and they will tell you a good pair of golf shoes is worth their weight in gold, even during a recession. The lightweight, hardwearing golf shoes from Goex ($160-200 US) are slightly cheaper than their weight in gold but not by much accroding to their critics. Despite the recession some experts believe consumers might be trading down from expensive golf equipment to good golf shoes. Whilst luxury shoes have dipped in sales athletic shoes have general done better overall. The $17.5 billion U.S. athletic footwear market saw flat sales in '08, sneakers are actually up 6% so far this year, according to SportsOneSource, a research firm. In the United States, the $500 million golf shoe market was up 3% in 2008, and it has risen 1% this year. The feeling abroad is bringing in a new shoe at this time might not be such a ‘handicap’ as it might at first appear. Currently however it is estimated that Nike owns 56% of the market in golf attire in the US and high profile Tiger Woods is about to made a return. Like many other sports, participants tend to become brand loyal and getting them to change footwear in this case might not be so easy. Only time and a game of golf will tell.

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