Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Good idea ArchPort ™

The stash pocket makes reference to drug culture and secreting chemical substances about clothing or footwear. The concept was turned more innocently to storing valuables like keys, credit cards and folding by a Californian Company. Ideal for travellers, children, surfies and thrashers. ArchPort ™ have a removable hidden compartment (drawer) in the sole of the shoe or thong (flip flop sandal). The comfortable sandals have two compartments with hook and loop closures and snap buttons. The left sandal contains the ArchPort wallet and the right sandal includes a cavity for larger articles such as a cash folding. ArchPort also supply a bottle Tool which is a combination bottle opener and bottle cap used to open and close a ‘coolie.’ Placement of personal items in the sole of the footwear is the least obtrusive and easiest way to carry valuables according to the company. The ArchPort™ fashion athletic shoes have only one compartment with a “snap lock” wallet feature to secure the compartment into the sole. It is positioned in the shank region of the shoe which adds to the shoes’ stability.

Travellers need to remember to remove any metallic objects when clearing security systems.

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Pam Walter said...

Some friends of mine have their sandals and say that they are really comfortable!