Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Shoes: Flower Power

Spring is upon us and the fashion motif of the season is flowers. According to Carol Langrall of flower motifs are in full bloom from sandals to pumps. Seems the pre-occupation with all things floral started last season with Prada’s floral Art Nouveau inspired high heels. Flowers dominated the cat-walk at the 2009 Paris Fashion Week, including “One is too,” a pair of hand-made fabric flower covered wedges from Bruno Frisoni, the creative director for Roger Vivier. Another designer label with green fingers was Scherer-Gonzalez. The theme of their spring 2009 shoe collection was fresh flowers. See some of the floral interpretations of shoes and boots at this year’s Philadelphia Flower Show.

You might like to “pimp up” your shoes? For inspiration have a swiz at The Botanical Footwear of Dennis Kyte.

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