Friday, April 03, 2009

Thongs: are not good enough for Delhi but get the thumbs up in Torbay

Australian Athletes at next year's Commonwealth Games in Delhi face a real challenge and for the first time will be without their single and double pluggers. Athletes (all 430) will be advised not to wear open-toed shoes i.e. thongs or sandals, around the city because of the risk illness or infection. The street of Delhi are awash with open sewerage and sadly not paved in gold. An inoculation program is planned and the medical team which will be the largest sent to a Commonwealth Games will be on hand. The games are to be held in October with hot nights and cooler days. Quite a different approach has been reported in Torbay, Devon. Authorities concerned for the safety of high heeled chavs rather the worse for wear for drink have been handing out thongs (flat heeled flip flops) with the 'Know Your Code' alcohol message printed on them. It has been noted by the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary some girls get drunk and are seen carrying their heels as they walk barefoot through the streets. The new initiative is to prevent ladettes’ from falling over their heels and or damaging their feet from glass with riddles pavements after a night of hi-jinx. Previously the Constable Care of Devon have handed out condoms and sexual health advice and order drunken men who urinate in the street to mop up their own mess. The cost of the footwear is estimated at £30,000 and will be paid from the Home Office by Safer Communities Torbay.

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