Thursday, May 07, 2009

Hang 'em high, Debbie

Recently Debbie Stallard was convicted of a bad driving offenses and sentenced to do 80 hours of community service. The newsagent from Paignton. Devon turned up for her punishment wearing shiny black leather boots with four-inch heels. Officials patiently tried to explain her footwear was not suitable for the sort of manual work she was expected to take part in. Depsite this Stallard maintained she wore heels for medical reasons and when no compromise could be found Debbie went back to court to explain her predicament. Apparently Sallard has an equinus deformity (toe walker) and needs the support of higher heels. Flat heels cause tension on the tendo achilles making walking both tiring and in some cases painful. The health and safety requirement for protected shoes in the work area is a dress code which in the interests of injury prevention and constitutes a duty of care of the employer. Although Ms Stallard was offered protective footwear at the time but she refused to comply. Now the court magistrates have to resentence the offender.

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