Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hiking shoes are selling like hot cakes

Apparently hiking boots are the new hot seller in ath-leisure. Hiking boots are after all the ultimate in four wheel drive shoes and consumers are turning their attention to the new range of outdoor shoes because they incorporate all the latest technologies as well as looking sleek enough to wear on the flat. Not only do they feature the latest lightweight elements and cushioning but they also retail at a fraction of the cost of leading fashion shoes. When the designers of hiking shoes moved to incorporate features of runners there was an initial increase in sales and has exponentially increased as more people look out for better value for money and longer lasting footwear. Brasher, Hi-Tec and New Balance are already ahead of the game, joining successful American brand Merrell Chameleon range in providing a wide range of stylish outdoor shoes designed for comfort, style and all manner of activities as multipurpose footwear.

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