Saturday, May 02, 2009

Michelle Obama: Let them eat cake

First Lady, Michelle Obama attended a Feeding America event in Washington wearing kicks, made by French fashion label Lanvin. The shoes retail at $540 US. Her eye catching suede sneakers with grosgrain ribbon laces and metallic pink toe caps complemented her smart but casual outfit perfectly, except for the price. Critics have labelled the fashion faux pas rather indiscrete. The owner of Lanvin footwear is Ikram Goldman who has been a fashion adviser to the first lady but he has refused to say whether Obama bought the shoes at her store. Michelle does love her designer shoes however she may have scored them for nothing, being who she is. If that is the case then all she can be accused of is wearing something from the Op Shop which happens to be designer shoes. At the Presidential Inauguration, the First Lady wore a pair of green Jimmy Choo "Glacier" pumps and at at the groundbreaking of the White House Kitchen Garden, Michelle was in a pair of black Jimmy Choo biker boots ($775. All of which means is she is either incredibly lucky in scoring freebees or has a rather large budget allocation for clothing.

During the Great Depression many people were forced through ecomonic necessity to wear the same pair of shoes until there were holes in their soles. These became known as Hoover shoes which was a satirical reference to the then President Herbert Hoover who had promised the US electorate all would be well.


Pam Walter said...

$540 for a pair of sneakers?!?

Fancy Feet said...

Considering she is the first lady, she may have got them for free due to exposure.