Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nike's Reuse-a-shoe

Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe program collects old, worn-out athletic shoes for recycling, and transforms them into Nike Grind, a material used in creating athletic and playground surfaces. Nike Reuse-a-Shoe incorporates the three main principles of living a green life i.e. reduce, reuse and recycle and was the brainwave of Steve Potter who envisioned shedding old Nike shoes into a reusable material. To date Nike has recycled 23,175,241 pairs of old athletic shoes. Reuse-a-Shoe bins are available at 300 locations in the US and once the shoes are collected and sent to a recycling plant in Wilsonville, Oregon. Each shoe is cut into three slices, and then fed through grinders and purified. There are three materials produced form the process. Nike Grind Rubber is used for track surfaces, interlocking gym flooring tiles, playground surfaces and consumer products. Nike Grind Foam is used as a cushion for outdoor basketball and tennis courts. Nike Grind Upper is used for cushioning pads for indoor basketball, volleyball courts and equestrian surfacing products.The Reuse-a-Shoe program has provided Nike Grind recycled material to nearly 300 sport and playground surfacing projects around the world.

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