Sunday, May 10, 2009

Shoes: All Things Art

At the end of each decade and century the world becomes transfixed with shoes with many of the significant shoe exhibitions being held at that time. Seems no change then in the 21st Century, because currently there are several shoe exhibitions on the go across the globe.
Kicking Off Our Shoes”, is an exhibition at the Ontario County Arts Council. On display at the Canandaigua gallery NY are paintings and prints of shoes, sculptures of shoes, mixed-media pieces incorporating shoes. The exhibit runs throughout May.

The Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton MA will present “The Perfect Fit – Shoes Tell Stories,” in June. This is a new exhibition and explores the cultural meanings of shoes. On display are 120 objects created by 100 artists from the United States, Canada and Israel. After its premiere at Fuller Craft, this show will travel to other cities. Brockton was the largest U.S. producer of shoes during the Civil War and until the mi-1900s was consideredthe shoe capital of the world.

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