Saturday, May 23, 2009

The sparkling Amy Hogan

US shoe designer Amy Hogan of Fort Myers started a very popular shoe line called Daffodils Footwear which features women's sandals, flip-flops and casual shoes. She also designs boots, heels, stilettos and mules for Kippys Kicks. The trademark of her design is Italian leather decorated with dozens of Swarovski crystals. No two pairs of Kippys Kicks are exactly alike, even those with the same design. The boots carry a special K logo in the leather (just above the heel) and each Swarovski crystal is placed by hand in a rim set (i.e. a tiny round frame with teeth). Kippys Kicks range from $200 to $2,000, with ropers about $600, cowboy boots costing around $9000 and stillettos ranging from $900 to $1,250. A stiletto clog boot with Tibetan lamb cuffs, a custom order, would cost $2,000 US. The boots are assembled in China.

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