Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stepping Out

"Stepping Out, Footwear From Around the World’ is an exhibition at the University of California, Davis, Design Museum. The focus of the exhibition is the language of soles. "Stepping Out," is running through July 12 and features nearly 70 pairs of shoes culled from UC Davis's extensive textile holdings that range from functional to fabulous. On display will be ornately beaded Native American moccasins, Japanese straw snow boots, and an artist’s rendering of a shoe in barbed wire. Men's shoes are also represented, from a sensible pair of lace-ups to a fabulous pair of boots, part of a Bolivian dance costume, that are decorated with bells down the side. A poignant item in the collection is a tiny, ornate shoe designed to be worn by a Chinese woman who'd undergone the painful and deforming practice of foot-binding.

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