Sunday, June 14, 2009

CocoRose London:Comfortable flats on the run

CocoRose London are almond-shaped toe, flatties with just enough toe cleavage to make them sexy. They key feature however is they are foldable flat shoes and according to recent report selling like hotcakes. Who is buying ? Well intelligent travellers keen to be comfortable en route. Flexible footwear makes sense because not only does it give choice it also saves space in the suitcase. Available in a range of popular colours CocoRose foldable flats come folded neatly inside a zipped leather-style purse. This is a discrete size and can easily be popped inside a larger handbag. The lining of the purse also transforms into a larger carry bag into which to pop the heels. The popularity with city commuters has increased of late as the more fashion conscious would prefer to be seen in flatties rather than sneakers. The shoes are available in three sizes: Petite (size 3-4/EU 36-37), Regular (size 5-6/EU 38-39) and Grande (size 7-8/EU 40-41). Prices range from £30-£35, depending on style, and e-gift vouchers are also available.

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