Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dimethyl Fumarate can cause allergy

On careful inspection of your footwear you may find a small sachet contained within. This is a fungicide which manufacturers place inside the shoes to protect against mould during storage, transit and sometimes everyday usage. These sachets often look similar to silica gel which is a non harmful desiccant frequently used in leather products. However some may contain Dimethyl Fumarate (DMF) which is an effective antifungal agent but has been found harmful in contact with skin and cause allergies. DMF has been found to be an allergic sensitiser at low concentration but can produce extensive and pronounced eczema that is difficult to treat. Concentrations as low as one part per million may produce allergic reactions. On 1 May 2009 the European Commission banned products containing "DMF" from being placed on the market. Existing products on the market now have to be either withdrawn or recalled from customers.

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Pam Walter said...

Does the sachet count as being "in the product"?