Monday, June 08, 2009

Just Think: Fluoro orange bootlaces

Just Think is a new campaign to help clean up Australian Rules Football and prevent violent behaviour off the field fuelled by alcohol. Players in Geelong and Bellarine league seniors and reserves last Saturday wore the fluoro orange Just Think laces made famous by the Geelong Cats. Football Geelong distributed hundreds of laces to clubs last week and a local newspaper the Geelong Advertiser are also giving away the laces free with DrinkWise printed on them. The intention is other clubs will follow the model. Cats heroes and Just Think campaigners Tom Harley, James Kelly and David Wojcinski devised the lace plan with the hope players would be reminded to Just Think, as they tied up and undid their boots. High profile professional are privy to binge drinking which can lead to violent behaviour and brushes with the law. AFL are keen to clean up the game and clubs like Geelong regularly run courses for their players covering issues such as looking after mates, binge drinking, drug use and drink-driving.

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