Sunday, June 21, 2009

Van Halen kicks with attitude

Rock stars do get rather obsessive and it is not unusual for them to copyright some aspect of their persona such as the colour scheme of their guitar. Van Halen’s Eddie Van Halen is no exception and copyrighted the colour scheme of his “Frankenstrat” guitar in 2001. The instrument is red, white with black splatter-stripes. Now he is suing Nike because the sportswear giant has used a similar design on one of their Dunk Lows sneakers. The lawsuit seeks both monetary retribution and “the impoundment and destruction of all footwear.” Nike denies any intention to copy Eddie Van Halen copyrighted colour scheme but by chance Van Halen has just released his own footwear line, EVH Shoes, adorned with his Frankenstrat stripes. Observers have noted the new Van Halen’s sneakers bare a strong resemblance to Converse All-Stars. What do they say about people in glass shoe boxes? Rock on!

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