Tuesday, July 07, 2009

ASICS launch 80s retro: Hells Bells

There is no reason why shoes should be mirror images after all feet aren’t. The convention has for many hundreds of years has been to wear the same shape and coloured shoes. The concept of a right and left fitting is however comparatively new and was introduced half a century after the American Civil War. The reason was when the soldiers were issued with left and right fittings they complained bitterly so much so the idea was shelved for half a century. Now we have right and left same coloured shoes. Back in the Middle Ages when men wore tights the fashion was to sport different colours for each leg, the vogue briefly returned in the Swinging Sixties with Pop Art but never really caught on. Some sneakerheads in the 80s did colour mix but most have been content to mix and match colour laces instead. ASICS have just released a new collection of 80s retro kicks called the Bread & Butter x Asics GT Lyte II “Salmon & Butter” Pack.
The Salmon colourway represents Japan, the land of origin of the sneaker brand, and the Butter colourway represents Germany, the location and home of Bread & Butter. The “BBBerlin” logo has been stitched into the heel area of each sneaker. Whilst the shoes are not meant to be worn mismatched the Salmon (Japan) and Butter (B&B) definitely leaves the potential to do so.

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