Friday, July 10, 2009

Cankles and muscle toning

According to those in the know "cankles," is a disproportionate amount of weight between the lower leg and the ankle. Used to be called ankle oedema and is routinely caused by fluid retention. Gentle and regular exercise can help distribute the fluids and people are being encouraged as part of a ‘health life change’ to exercise more. Finding time to go to the gym and work out can be difficult and expensive so many companies are attempting to solve the problem with new products including Fitness U Wear weighted wristbands and ankle bands to build up strength. Reebok have also developed a new sneaker which according to the manufacturer promises up to 28 percent more toning in the legs of its wearers. The shoe's technology involves air pockets strategically built into the back of the shoe to cause mild instability. Conscious balancing with each step helps actively exercise and tone up the leg musculature according to the experts.

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