Saturday, July 18, 2009

Crocs : Night of the long knives

Seems everyone on Wall Street is anticipating the demise of Crocs. Despite it meteoric rise in sales the innovative plastic clog has never met with approval of the savvy fashionista (the fools!). Apparently comfort and ease does not cut it when awkward looks and gawdy colours offend. According to recent reports Crocs may become a victim of the recession as too much inventory and not enough sales to cover the expenses of keeping the business open may take its toll. The company has until the end of September to clear its debt. I for one hope Crocs do survive but just in case I have put a couple of pairs aside. One, to replace my current pair if and when they ever wear out; and the second pair as an investment. Collectable Crocs could be blue chip in the future.


Anonymous said...

last novenber and 09 february they solve the $20m debt problem,i don't see any problem now.
they sell $600m and they have $50m cash.
no problem
stock will see $10 by the end of thos year.


Pam Walter said...

If it actually happens, this will be a shocker!