Saturday, July 18, 2009

Delcam CRISPIN: New shoe design software

3 D cinema may be all the rage at your local cinema but now thanks to clever software shoes designers can use the same approach to create their new ranges. New shoe design software is available from Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Assited Manufacture (CAM) software specialists, Delcam CRISPIN. The company have just released version 2.8 of its ShoeDesign software for upper design. The main change is a revised user interface, which makes the software easier to learn, and simpler and more intuitive to use. ShoeDesign uses photo-realistic images instead of physical samples. The free Delcam CRISPIN 3D viewer, allows 3D designs to be communicated to clients worldwide for their comments. Adjustments to the design can be made within minutes then. According to the manufacturers when physical samples are required ShoeDesign can also produce prototypes for design and marketing reviews. The cost saving ShoeDesign minimizes the possibility of problems arising at the manufacturing stage. The software allows the user to draw style lines directly on the last; apply colours, textures, padding and material thicknesses to the various elements; and then add features like stitching, eyelets and laces, or accessories such as buckles and trims. The wide range of material textures, accessories and features supplied within ShoeDesign allows different design concepts to be created and evaluated quickly. ShoeDesign is fully integrated with other software within the Delcam CRISPIN range.

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