Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The horrors of cracked skin, skinny toes and Oprah’s bunions

Summer is a time to cringe if you find the sight of cracked skin, misshapen toes, mangled nails and bunions a turn off. Skimpy shoes, flats and gladiator sandals ensure feet au naturel are on view. Not only are the feet of ordinary folks exposed so too are the feet of the fashionista. Victoria Beckham has a well-known bunion problem; Sarah Jessica Parker's feet feature regularly in tabloid gossip columns because they are misshapen with protruding veins; Paris Hilton's toes look like they could do with a good meal, and there is no shortage of comment threads in internet chatrooms dedicated to the most pressing question of our time: 'What is up with Oprah's feet?'

1 comment:

Pam Walter said...

Poor celebrities! Even their feet aren't immune from criticism.