Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Best dressed Atavar: Whatever next?

Empire of Sports is a multisport 3D game where cyber competitors can match their individual skills or join with others in team sports. Empire of Sports combines the depth of role-play and the competitive dynamics of sports games in an ambitious persistent world, where players can meet in real time from all over the world and play sports together. Each player controls a single character, or avatar (animated graphic), which they play with through the game. With practice the avatar becomes better at playing the sports as each game progresses. Players are able to form their own teams and clubs, and tournaments and competitions are organized. The player is able to compete against AI (artificial intelligence) controlled characters or other players depending on their choice. Currently the Emire of Sport hosts competitive play (friendly and official mode) for football, tennis, skiing, basketball, bobsleigh and track & field. If you are keen to start practicing virtual sport all you need to do is download the game client , register and start playing for free! On of the novelties of the game is it is possible to kit your Atavar with sports equipment of choice such as soccer boots. Partnership with companies like Nomis will soon see software which allows your Atavar to demonstrate the boots performance in the virtual world. Some experts believe if this catches on then the virtual world will become a major marketing tool in the future.

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