Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mad about pleather

Time was plastic shoes were daggy and only worn by the ‘have nots’ now thanks to vegans and animal rights groups plastic is not so drastic. The recent popular surge in negative heeled shoes has now been endorsed by vegans keen to buy footwear not made or tested on animals. Pleather is all the more attractive when made from recycled materials. A new range of high fashion vegan shoes will be available this Autumn from NeuAura. Their Fall Collection has been designed and created using animal-free materials. Comfort is a byword in fashionable shoes and the new range of heels have added mesh lining, padded insoles for support and flexible rubber soles for additional comfort. Boots continue to dominant trhis season as vegan boots prove rather difficult to find. NeuAura have solved the problem with a range of affordable animal-free boots. NeuAura footwear is made in an eco-friendly factory in Brazil. The company also gives back to the community by donating 10% of all online proceeds to two charities every season.

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Anderburf said...

Great post! I love Neuaura and can't wait for their fall collection. I also have my eye on some great vegan boots at Vegan Chic I better start making some room in my closet!