Tuesday, September 22, 2009

adidas and Puma end rivalry: Bet nobody wore Nikes

The Bavarian town of Herzogenaurach has been divided for over sixty years. Home of sportswear giants adidas and Puma the companies became business rivals when brothers Adi and Rudolf Dassler fell out. No one can be sure what the feud was about but many claim their wives hated each other and there is a suggestion both brothers committed adultery with each others wives. Rudolf was also accused of stealing from the company and left adidas to start Puma in 1948. From then onwards the two companies have remained fierce rivals as each respective workforce stayed loyal to their alma mater. Puma and adidas employees maintained strict social apartheid refusing to socialise with each other. Children formed Puma or Adidas gangs and physical violence was not uncommon as hatred and prejudices flourished. Residents gained the name "Bent Necks," because they always looked down at a stranger’s feet to see which trainers they wore before engaging them in conversation. Over the decades the two firms have spent millions in court fights. September 21st was non violence day organised by the Peace One Day organisation and to celebrate this event employees of both companies shook hands and stepped out to play the beautiful game for 90 minutes. In mixed teams the rivalry between both companies ended with representatives of both companies shaking hands.

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